I've been entertaining the idea of a career change over the last year, and Product Management is an area that interests me greatly. I'm just not entirely sure how to move across without damaging my existing salary to extensively, and also without knowing how transferable my skills are. How did you move into Product Management?

Hello Aidan. I was recently featured on a panel at General Assembly for an audience looking to make a career shift towards product management. In 2014 I moved from a marketing / user engagement role at a software startup to product management. The transition is still fresh in my mind.

Based on the experience on your LinkedIn profile, it seems like you would be well-equipped to make the switch. You have a technical background, experience with generating team outcomes and strategic direction.

I think the challenge you face is not whether you have the right skills and resources, but rather how you would like to apply them. Product management is broad and so is your choice of employers.

It would be great to jump on a call to get a better context of your situation so I can give you specific tips on how to put your best foot forward.

Answered 7 years ago

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