We are a cellphone repair centre and we are looking to increase our sales by going to kiosks that sell cellphone and get the sales opeople there to refer some customers to our store .However we want to be able track where the traffic is coming from so that we can pay that associate 5 to 10 percent commission for every customer he refers to is . we were planning on handing out business cards with a particular barcode for each individual kiosk but not sure if it can be done properly.

There are tons of Free QR code creators (or low cost).
You could create a coupon, assign unique QR codes for each affiliate (place them on cars), and scan them in store to give proper credit to the affiliates.

The only problem I see with this is: human nature.
We forget things, lose things, and show up asking about "that deal that some guy told me about."


Personally, I would want email addresses to communicate with the folks. (to really measure the effectiveness of this promotion)
I'd do this:

-Create a different bitly ( link for each affiliate.
-Place them on a coupon that has a great incentive.
-Write on there- redeem your coupon by visiting (the bitly link)
-This should take them to a simple opt-in page (to gather email addresses- you can use
-They give you their email, you deliver their coupon AND you are able to continue communicating. (since most sales take 7 touches before a decision is made anyway)
-AND your affiliates get the credit without error.

You'll get the most qualified leads and you can judge for yourself how effective this will be moving forward. :)

Answered 6 years ago

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