I am currently working as an event demo specialist, love working with people. Taking a break from college-(I'd love to go back but want to be mentally ready and have a cause that pulls me. Some Interests are sports, personal development, travel, innovation in technology, helping others, being apart of something bigger than myself. The vision I have seems very idealistic, but I would like to work with someone who could help a turn these interests and ideas into skills and a good concrete road map!

As someone who has hired and fired quite a few people, the #1 skill that I find most attractive is self-motivation. Those are the people that you are not having to constantly look over their shoulder to make sure work is being done. It's not necessary that you always get it right, but that you work at it hard with creativity. That's incredibly valuable.

As for an enjoyable job - if you don't like being indoors all day, don't get a desk job. I know it sounds obvious, but there are countless people that do this on a day in, day out basis. Don't necessarily look for a job that you want. Search for what you like to do that the job will provide. If you like to problem solve, maybe look at the software field where you can build software to creatively solve problems. If you like cultivating relationships with people, look to find a job where that need will be met, even if the job "title" or duties aren't glamorous.

You've explained it well already - align your work with your values, and you can find joy in whatever you do.

Answered 6 years ago

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