I've been using Interspire's self-hosted email marketing platform for years to send autoresponders and high-quality monthly newsletters for clients (they provide me their non opt-in email list). Both have prominent unsubscribe links. I've learned to clean the lists before importing, process bounces and now use (whose IP scored a 97 for the newsletter last month). But, it's the domain and email address I'm worried about. It didn't score well through an test. That domain and email address has been used since 2007 and not until last year did I finally start implementing some best practices. Any suggestions? Should I consider starting over with a new domain or organically improve its score since I'm now doing most things right?

It always starts with the list. You mention 'non opt-in' lists, which is certainly more troublesome than any domain name. Your best course of action is to get a new domain, re-confirm the lists you have (requiring the subscriber to click through in order to stay on), and only accept confirmed opt-in lists moving forward. It will decimate your mailing list in the short term, but long-term eliminate your deliverability concerns and improve ROI.

Answered 8 years ago

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