I have a list of 7,000 which increases by 20-40/day (organic). But at this rate I'll have to wait ~5-7 years to hit that. How can I do it in the next 2-3? Note: currently have no paid customer acquisition. I make between 1-6k/month with this list size. I know people have done it in a few years - obviously my mindset and mental model needs expanding.

1. Get your funnel(s) down pat and automated. If all you're doing is sending a broadcast email to your list every few days, you're missing out.

2. Pay for targeted traffic. The List is the #1 factor in sales conversion: you can have mediocre copy, but if your list is spot on, you'll make sales. But if you have great copy and a lousy list, you won't make a dime.

Stay away from solo ads/ad swaps. Buy access to lists of buyers, who have bought products like yours. Yes, these lists are available. Expect to invest $3K minimum to email them...but they are already opted in to the service's list, and they have already bought something similar or related to your product. Huge factor in conversion.

3. Develop joint ventures with online marketers who are bigger than you and have bigger lists in niches related to your current one. Yes you may only make 50% or 25%, but those are sales you'd never have made as easily as with this affiliate. Many people buy just because someone they trust and have a relationship with recommended the you probably know.

4. Develop reputation and traffic from high traffic online sources like forums. Sell at those locations.

Answered 7 years ago

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