This depends on your definition of popular, but I can help you out. You're not going to be getting thousands of hits per month, but you can gain some popularity.

1. You're going to need to publish two posts per week, so you better be ready to write. One for your blog, and one for someone else's.

2. You won't be publishing any "round up" content, like 10 best tools for "blank". You're going to need to deliver ACTUAL value here.

3. Make sure that the topic of your blog is first about something people are actively looking for online. User Google Trends to test out some keywords.

4. Use to search for keywords of blog posts and check out how many people are sharing those. Take a look at the most popular posts and then out do them. Write an even more comprehensive and valuable post than that one.

5. Build your email list as quickly as you can. Use and install their list builder app.

6. Provide a content upgrade for each post. For example, an eBook, a checklist, anything that relates to the value of the article you wrote. Exchange the free item for their subscription to your email list.

7. Email your list once per week with a new article you just published. Ask them to share it if they like it.

8. Guest post for the second article you wrote each week. Find popular, related blogs and pitch them a post idea. Link back to your blog, but to a landing page that specifically outlines the value of signing up for your email list.


8a. Link back to a landing page that gives away content bonuses that you mentioned in the guest post.

9. Run a contest where you give something away related to your blog topic. (don't give away an iPad if you're a real estate agent, you want to attract subscribers that have to do with your niche.)

10. Die from exhaustion.

Answered 8 years ago

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