I am a franchise owner of two fairly successful franchises, selling beauty products & services for women. The population in my area is growing rapidly but I am not seeing an equal ratio of new customers, and I think the problem is that the franchise does not do any online marketing, so I want to take it into my own hands. I am looking to see if anyone has any suggestions for steps to market my business through social media and gain online testimonials/reviews as social proof.

I own and operate several brick and mortar shops (health related) and have had good success with online strategies. By good success I mean that nearly 50% of my client base finds my business via online search.

While I am certainly happy to share my strategies with you - I'd strongly suggest you do some initial work learning more about your market before taking action.

If the goal is to build your business and gain more market share your strategy should include the highest probability venues that get you the highest return on investment (ROI). And this may or may not include online marketing.

So social media and/or reviews may or may not be the top choices to invest resources in for your business. This will depend on the behavior of your market and your overall business strategy and business model.

Of course it's up to you to decide how to build your business... You can take the "ready-fire-aim" approach and just give it a try. Just be prepared for a low probability of success using this approach. Even with excellent execution you'll potentially burn through valuable resources (time and money) that you could have otherwise spared if you were more patient and strategic.

A wiser approach would be to invest in learning WHO your market is and where they are looking for your service or where you can find them to educate them about your services. And this will ideally be a part of your overall business strategy and the business model you constructed. Doing this initial work will save you time and money. In my opinion it's one of the best investments you can make in your business as these factors will all other business activities (including marketing) to give you the greatest probability of success and the greatest ROI.

I am happy to help you with both approaches (though I'd strongly suggest the latter). Give me a call if you'd like to explore this further. If you are interested - message me and I'll send you a code for a free 30 minute consultation here on Clarity.

I wish you the best of luck and massive success!

Answered 9 years ago

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