Over the years I've collected about 200 domain names as a hobby. Thinking that some names would get a lot of traffic or I could at least hit a niche. I want to get a landing page set up on each. What's the best way manage all these domain names and make something happen. Should I try to sell them, get a simple wordpress site up on each of them or should I leave this for the professionals? What are your thoughts?

I have been managing multiple domains/sites for my clients since a few years now and I think the easiest and best way to do it in your case would be setting up simple WordPress sites on each one of them and managing them with something like ManageWP( .

If they're niche domains, you can monetize them through ads or use them as affiliate sites. Selling them can also be also an option. If you can get the sites to look fairly nice and if they are niche domains, you can sell them on sites like Flippa( . Overall, you have many options.

I'd be glad to help you in detail through a call if you want.

Answered 7 years ago

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