Hi! We're working on our first SaaS type service but need to raise some cash as we're bootstrapping, but with that notion were holding off trying to raise investor money. Has anyone here sold a SaaS subscription or account use prior to building or launching? If so, any tips or best way for us to do so as well?

I was involved with a SaaS product that launched a landing page and made clear that the product was still in development, but that we would give earliest access to people who pre-paid for the product. We also allowed people to choose what they paid, and promised them that payment would stay in-effect for several months.

We generated revenue the first day of posting the landing-page publicly and increased revenue month-over-month. However, we discontinued the product as it was simply not big enough of a market for us to justify continued time and energy.

But I would encourage you to pursue a similar model in that it's a great way to test and validate the pain others experience for the problem and a great way to ensure you're building the product to satisfy real customers.

Happy to talk this through in more detail in a call

Answered 8 years ago

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