Join a group of the smartest Founders you know.

We group highly vetted Founders to share challenges, help each other, and provide a sounding board for all the crazy sh*t we deal with!

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How It Works

We form groups of 8 highly vetted Founders who share common goals.

Meetings are coordinated once per month via group video call.

Each meeting is structured to cover specific topics to overcome challenges and deliver outcomes.

How do the meetings go?

What’s your biggest challenge?

Let's have an honest talk about what's keeping us up at night and work through our challenges together.

Where do you need help?

Get direct help from highly connected Founders in your group - and across the entire Network.

What’s your next goal?

Set serious goals with a group that will hold you accountable, and help you achieve them.

Highly Vetted

We only accept the top 3% of applicants who are the stand-outs in their respective fields. It's like having your dream Advisory Board.

Professionally Moderated

Each meeting is moderated by a seasoned member of our staff to ensure the conversation stays honest and the pace is quick.

Focused on Outcomes

Every request for help is tracked and managed to ensure each Founder gets the outcomes they're after.

What Members are Saying

The worst thing you can do as a Founder is go it alone. This is the missing piece of the puzzle - a tribe that you can grow with.

Dan Martell5x founder w/ 3 exits. Coach to high performing SaaS Founders + Investor

A private app to keep the conversation going.

Our dedicated app connects you with your group 24x7, as well as the larger Network.

A Network for Top Founders with Shared Values

Every member shares our same core values. It's the type of people we all want to be surrounded with.

Be Honest

No chest-pounding and grandstanding. This stuff is hard, and we've all signed up to be brutally honest about how we're dealing with it.

Be Helpful

This is about giving more than getting. Every Member is here to be as helpful as possible to the entire group.

Be Accountable

If we say we're going to help - we follow through. No empty promises, period.

Ready to Level up? Join us.

If you're a Founder and are ready to get involved, we'd love to hear from you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Group Selection

How is each group curated?

How diverse are the groups?

Can I pick the group I want?

Can I move into another group?

Will I be able to interact with other groups?

Can I create my own group?


Are these held in-person or online?

What's my time commitment per month?

How do meetings flow?

How do I "trust" the other Members?

What happens if I miss a meeting?


What's the Group Moderator?

What is the Moderator's job during the Meeting?

What is NOT the Moderator's job?


What's the length of the commitment?

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