Do it yourself. Because it’s an MVP.

You don’t know whether it’ll have a product/market fit. You might bear ten iterations - possibly complete pivots.

That means your one outsourced MVP will be converted into ten custom jobs. Can you really afford that?

Probably not. Most MVPs don’t develop into anything awesome. Instead, they have months and infrequently years of fine-tuning. Because MVPs aren’t great alone.

They’re great after you get market feedback. They’re great when it causes you to a profit. Otherwise, they’ll never be converted into a corporation and just remain an MVP.

On the flip side, Some think you'll be able to get an MVP, then use it to boost money. Don’t try this. Raise money once you don’t need it. When the foundations are so in your favor, you can’t say no.

Use it to scale what’s working. Otherwise, you’re fiddling with fool’s gold. You feel rich but at the top of the day - You land up broke. Because you don’t know where or a way to spend it. So the next time you’re considering outsourcing your MVP - Do it yourself. That’s what real founders do.

Answered 2 months ago

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