HI - I think an important question that many entrepreneurs have are trying to balance the demands of the home & the demands of their exciting new enterprise. If an individual has large demands at home e.g. (little kids, wife, university, and a part-time job) is it feasible to dedicate the necessary requisite time to achieve success in his dreams of building his idea into a real enterprise? Especially nowadays when it seems that the "New" billionaires were single, 20-somethings dedicating every moment of every hour to their idea without stop until they achieved their goals. When a person has that entrepreneurial bug & limited cash, but believes that he has a viable business model that can really take off & generate REAL revenues, what should he do? Should he believe the hype of the DropBox & Facebooks of the world or is there another road to success albeit on a different path? Thanks!

There is no right time or wrong time to pursue an idea. And it's any help, I have found a far more focused energy as a parent in my early thirties than I did as a single guy in my early twenties.

There are many paths to success as success is defined quite differently depending on who you ask. If you define success as raising venture capital and selling to a larger company or going public, then there are significant constraints that limit the paths by which this can be achieved and although I'm on that path myself, it's really not for everyone and shouldn't be considered the only way or even best way forward.

To help inform your decision, I'd recommend you focus your limited hours on validating your idea. I've written several other answers on Clarity around early product customer development that you can find on my profile. And I'd be happy to talk to you in a call.

Answered 7 years ago

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