Is there a job board that works similar to AdSense?

We have a site that has technical content and we want to add a job board (similar to those on The idea is that jobs will be suggested according to the content of the web page


I haven't personally used one, but try searching for affiliate job board widget. Monster has one at for their affiliate publishers. See these links:

There are others. Either search for affiliate on major job boards, or do the search I suggested. You can also see these widgets that came up for a search on widgetbox for jobs:

The key thing to know is that you want an affiliate plugin or widget provided by a major job board that has many listings. It would make sense for LinkedIn to have an affiliate offering for their jobs listings; however, I haven't found information on it yet. If I don't find it fast enough I won't be able to edit this answer to include it. You can contact me for more details on these.

If you find one you like or need additional information I can ask our Blogger Mastermind group if anyone has used any of these or can recommend others. We have 100+ serious bloggers who are likely to have more suggestions.

Answered 10 years ago

If you are wanting to leverage a third party job board, I suggest you look at If you are wanting to have your own job board, leveraging an open source job board (there are plenty looking at the results of and that include widgets or let you build your own is fairly straight forward.

Answered 10 years ago

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