In a nutshell: My voice-controlled home automation system was named ModernSteward (I'm stupid). The confusing part is: when you are giving a command, there should be a keyword. The keyword is Melissa, so you can say "Melissa, turn the lights on". Melissa is very catchy and since we have a lot of publicity with it, we are seeking for another name of the product. Obviously, "Melissa" is not OK, because is registered. We were thinking about something like See the current website:

Give her a last name. MelissaFoden, MelissaGustavson, MelissaGunnion, MelissaNordyke, and MelissaChristopher are all available as dot-com URLs, while can be had for a mere $18,000. Wait, wait - are you choosing your product name by whether or not you can get an exact-match URL? That's a mistake. Choose the name of the thing first. The name has certain important jobs to do. It should not be compromised for the sake of a domain name. You can create the right URL later - get the name of your product right first. Though MelissaGunnion does have a certain lilt to it, don't you think?

Answered 7 years ago

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