In a nutshell: My voice-controlled home automation system was named ModernSteward (I'm stupid). The confusing part is: when you are giving a command, there should be a keyword. The keyword is Melissa, so you can say "Melissa, turn the lights on". Melissa is very catchy and since we have a lot of publicity with it, we are seeking for another name of the product. Obviously, "Melissa" is not OK, because is registered. We were thinking about something like See the current website:

A voice-automated home automation system probably has broad consumer appeal, since it applies to so many of us (potentially).

Given that fact, I think your domain should do more than just fit the command word you're using. It should be memorable, of course. And it ought to convey relevant information and make the right first impression. Ideally it would do more than those things too, by facilitating passive online discovery.

Thumbs down to Sorry.

Answered 7 years ago

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