I'm based in the UK offering personalised Jewellery and gifts, I'm taking around £7K a month in revenue, hardly doing much marketing due to investing in marketers who claim they can hit high ROAS and unfortunately are miles from their target, any ideas on how I can increase Revenue?

Hi there, great to see your organic growth. Investing in to marketing doesn't really translate into invest in to marketers. You yourself can learn tactical ecommerce marketing & getting going with channels, media strategies & spends that would deliver a positive RoAS. Defining right TG is much, this where really you would work on personas that needs to be targeted across the funnel : Awareness >> Consideration >> Action for creating & retaining customers for your business using the right marketing channels & communication.. These are some of the potential strategies with which could take your Jewelry eComm to the next level. Hope this helps. Thanks.

Answered 3 months ago

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