1. We currently have graphic design, content creator , freelance media buyer and both founders are handling marketing work 2. It is difficult for us to hire oversea marketing agency because of our business is currently serving all Chinese clients and we need to localize the material. 3. We need help to create strategy and execution . Can any expert guide us with team building and how can we scale from here ? I feel like we are lost in direction .

Hi, you are not in this position because of a scaling problem. Scaling is the solution, the problem is your approach. I suggest you get the team together and revise your Strategy and Plan, STEP by STEP. You have to be very sure what you want to do and you have to brainstorm how you are going to do it. Take a look at the strenghts of each team member, and utilize their strengths in a collaborative fashion instead of everyone doing everything. We create Order out of Chaos, this is partly what we are doing by building a business, bringing all the pieces together. Look at your resources and look at all the different options/scenarios, keep discussing until you have your answer. Work together.

Answered 6 months ago

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