Hey guys, i have a pilot of my startup and its goin great. The next step will be developing much bigger site and system then what i have now. As i dont want to recrew a tech-founder just for that purpose and to be able to afford it, i was thinking about outsourcing the development. For that matter i have two qwestions for you guys: 1) Does outsoruced dev team in early stages harm future funding rounds for the startup ? 2)Which successful early oursourced booststrap startups do ou know ? and can you link up their story ? thx!

good questions.
1. Yes and No - it depends on what you're developing. If it is a cyber product or software, then investors would (usually) expect you to have in-house developers (meaning programmers which are part of the core team). If it's a website that offers services or an app, and you prove to them (through metrics/statistics) that you don't need an in-house programmer, it should be a problem.
2. I can't name any known companies at the tip of my hat, but I have advised hundreds of startups and many of them outsourced their development. If you need, I can connect you with a development company that selects 1-2 startups a year and does development + support for them free of charge, in exchange for equity/shares in the company. Your only costs would be the legal fees for the agreements.

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Answered a year ago

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