What are some marketing ideas/strategies for a construction rental equipment company


I’ll take it as a given you are operating a “brick & mortar” construction (equipment rental) business and with this, allow me to propose a few “flexible” marketing moves, you may consider (online or offline):

1. PUBLICITY/PUBLIC RELATIONS - Online or social media write-ups; Offline publication write-ups
2. ADVERTISING - Online: paid search/display narrow-focused to your locality/chosen demographic; Offline: local media (e.g. cable)
3. TRADE SHOWS/EXHIBITS - Benefits of taking part in these industry events (other than generating brand presence) include expanding your targeted leads “networking”/partnership opportunities, competitor check, business feedback, etc.

BONUS: Business Listing (e.g. Google) is an often overlooked marketing tool (by many businesses with physical addresses) that you should maximize to increase your (foot/web) traffic and boost “conversion”. (If you want “SERIOUS” customers to at least visit or call your store, help them find you.)

In a nutshell, you can always do marketing your way, the “ad hoc” way and right away (I.e. soon after reading this); but it’s ideal to have a basic business strategy in place. That’s why I review the backgrounds of businesses before providing recommendations. In the absence of such though, you may give a briefing (or fill a quick questionnaire), so we could come up with a marketing strategy, most relevant to your customers.

This “strategic” approach to marketing (no matter how small your business) not only keeps your marketing efforts on track, enables you as the business owner or manager to make more “informed” decisions (e.g. from deciding on the font style of your business name to the copy of your directional store signs to the keywords you choose for your SEO, etc.) but it also optimizes your resources, translating your marketing spend into investments rather than costs to grow your business.

I hope you have gained useful inputs and let me know if you wish to explore this discussion further.


Answered 2 years ago

Who are you selling your rental services to?
If you’re aiming to sell to small independent contractor or are you selling to big industrial construction companies?
Let’s say you’re selling to independent contractors, couple Idea would be: cold calls/emails, ads on market place sites for independent contractors, ads targeting ones go to Home Depot, etc. You can expand your strategy from where your customers would be.
Let me know if this helps.

Answered 2 years ago

Start with a brand and positioning strategy - this is fundamental to position you and differentiate. No amount of strategies would be useful unless you clearly understand your target audience and then align your brand strategy to that segment.

Construction, building, development and property building is a competitive business, but there are ways you can stay ahead of the competition. One method that will set you apart is branding.

Simply put, this means putting a face on your business to make it more appealing to your potential clients. This will make them feel like they know your company and thus be more likely to choose it. The key to creating a brand is to have an attractive, professional construction company logo created for your business.

Construction companies with a brand and a recognizable construction business branding are more successful. Don’t hide your light under a bushel; let your community and your customers see what your company stands for.

Answered 2 years ago

- Produce content of value to potential renters about their area/s of interest, and distribute using the free platforms available. This will help build brand.

- Produce content to educate renters about the equipment, how to use, how to repair, how to service, so they can see how easy it is. (Distribute using the free platforms)

- Produce content to educate renters on better construction practices, so they can improve their business. Creating value this way both builds brand and grows your customers business

Answered 2 years ago

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