Happy New Year (2020) !

. . . Relax . . .

. . . Please Be Patient with the New Owners . . .

. . . I am Exceedingly Confident that they will soon be Breathing Lots (and Lots) of New Life into this Site . . .

Although it is not my place to Tell Them how to run their Affairs ; I Personally Think that the following steps could (ultimately) be quite beneficial :

* Provision of (10% Commission - Based) White Label Options to their Experts ; so that the Experts could then each rebrand their various Websites according to their very own taste.

* Automatically providing Each Expert (and Each Client) with a 10% (Commission-Based) Affiliate Sales Link ; to Ultimately Boost the Generation of New Business.

* The Appointment of Someone Fabulous , Like Me ; to Carefully Oversee such Highly Innovative Changes (on a 10% 'Profit-Related' Remuneration Package).


Professor Obi

Answered a year ago

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