Hubspot does many things well but with doing many things comes comes risk of not doing enough in certain aspects of the product. What are some vulnerable ( not well executed) parts of Hubspot?

To understand which parts of HubSpot are vulnerable to competition you must look at the benefits that the competitors of HubSpot are providing that is what HubSpot is lacking.
1. Marketo: Marketo is often known to be HubSpot's top contender, as they both offer similar features and have high customer satisfaction rates. When you sign up, you are assigned a consultant who will help you with the onboarding process and integration of the system into your company. Marketo offers five engagement marketing solutions: email marketing, lead management, consumer marketing, customer base marketing, and mobile marketing. Their pricing is based on which solution you choose and the size of your company. Marketo is used mostly for larger enterprises with a high number of leads, a designated IT team, and a reasonable budget. It is a great option if you need extensive analytics tracking and workflow streamlining.
2. Infusionsoft: Infusionsoft is a great option for small B2C companies. It is an affordable marketing automation software alternative to more expensive options like Marketo. It has great customer relationship management capabilities, which even includes invoicing and payment tools. Infusionsoft is not known to be great for B2B companies. It is best for smaller B2C companies, especially those with an ecommerce base. Their Premier option even has an online storefront that allows you to sell products, subscriptions, and services.
3. Adobe Marketing Cloud: Creatives who are proficient in Adobe swear by it, and there is a reason: their software really is the best of the best. Their marketing automation, Adobe Marketing Cloud, is obviously expected to follow suit, and for a lot of people, it does not disappoint. It is known to have a slick, user-friendly design, as most Adobe products do. They offer eight solutions: Analytics, Audience Manager, Campaign, Experience Manager, Media Optimizer, Primetime, Social, and Target. Adobe Marketing Cloud is best for large companies or creative individuals who already know their way around Adobe software, like photographers, videographers, and designers. It is not recommended for small companies who do not have a designated marketing team or experience with Adobe.
4. Act-On: Act-On is a strong contender against both HubSpot and Marketo, but it does not have the big price tag attached to it. They aim to provide the kind of all-in-one automated marketing platform that HubSpot does, including website hosting, email marketing, analytics, lead generation, social media management, and more. Users have said that it helped them organize their marketing and campaign tactics to optimize efficiency and get the most out of them, and the interface is known to be very user friendly. Like HubSpot, Act-On also features an abundance of educational resources to help companies and clients learn about marketing. This includes their online learning platform, Act-On University, a resource library, video learning options, and free automation guides and tools. Act-On is great for companies of all sizes, but especially those who are looking for a more budget-friendly option.
5. Wish pond: Wish pond is the new kid on the block, but they are making a big impact. They feature four marketing tools in one powerful platform: marketing automation, landing pages, pop-ups and forms, and contests and promos. The key phrase on their homepage describes them well – “Marketing tools designed to quickly and easily scale a business. No coding required.” The major drawback is that Wish pond doesn’t provide a platform to host your website, so you’ll need to have one already built through a service like WordPress or Squarespace, in which you can integrate all their landing pages, forms, and other tools.

Their website provides a full list of the third-party providers they integrate with, organized by category, so you will know right away whether you will be able to use your other business tools with them. Their pricing plan is a little different, as you can choose the “do it yourself” option, using their marketing suite to build landing pages, create campaigns, and design contests and marketing emails. Or you can choose the “done for you” option, in which Wish pond’s marketing team handles the whole thing – designing and running a marketing campaign to help grow your business. Wish pond is great for companies who are looking for a budget-friendly option and have limited IT knowledge.
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