We started 2 years ago. we had a technical co-founder/full-stack developer with us. we used the waterfall approach and released our product 1 year ago and since then we moved very slow on development. our developer/co-founder left us 3 months ago. we recruited another developer and also add two other experienced advisors (managerial and technical) to our team. we're going to implement a software development/team management methodology to improve our productivity and increase our development speed and quality. I've studied a lot about it and came to the conclusion that it's better for us to use a combination of scrum and kanban. what do you think about it? keep that in mind that in this team we haven't used any methodology before. Kind Regards


The best project management style changes at every stage of a company and depends on what you are making, so nobody can really advise you without knowing your product and team.

Most developers tend to hate Scrum and its variants anyway. Check out this HackerNews thread to get some insight:

And, check out this guy's videos. He talks a lot about different Agile options and why he loves Scrumban. Convinced me to give it a try.

Hope that helps,

Answered 2 years ago

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