I'm in the middle of setting up a wellness tourism platform and trying to decide if I should go with ability to instant book or just be the person that passes on the leads/connects users directly with the resorts. Some resorts are ok with me doing bookings, others want to deal directly, but I want a seamless, standard experience for customers and not half bookable, half unbookable. What's the best route to go?

I believe you should set up one because Covid-19 will soon be over. I will go with instant booking option and that too online. Today’s tech-savvy travellers increasingly research and make purchases through their mobile devices. With online booking, travellers can now check the availability of your tours and activities, book, and get instant confirmation, all without you lifting a finger. The same rule applies to purchasing tours and activities. Instead of having your customers call or email in to complete a booking, make it easy for them to book online in the same session. By making the purchasing process a seamless experience for your travellers, you will reduce the chance of competitors stealing your leads. For suppliers, it is always a love-hate relationship with re-sellers. It might very well be every business’s goal to sell through its own channels. Work towards receiving bookings directly from your website with online booking. Travelers, like most shoppers, tend to shop around before deciding to purchase. With online booking, you can still effectively capitalize on these missed opportunities. Compared to a mass retargeting to all web visitors, these warm leads will no doubt convert more, and you will be left with travellers who feel positive about their booking experience.
Besides if you do have any questions give me a call:

Answered a year ago

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