I'm in the middle of setting up a wellness tourism platform and trying to decide if I should go with ability to instant book or just be the person that passes on the leads/connects users directly with the resorts. Some resorts are ok with me doing bookings, others want to deal directly, but I want a seamless, standard experience for customers and not half bookable, half unbookable. What's the best route to go?

Thank you for the great question. You may wish to consider asking yourself "what would be the best business practices for your wellness tourism platform?" Also, another consideration is that the customer's experience come first. As you are leading your customers through a booking experience, you have to try to find the balance between what is actually possible for the customer given the operational realities of a resort's protocols. I am confident that you can establish a seamless experience for your customers, just be very clear on the steps for a successful booking. Need to chat? I'm a phone call away.

Answered 2 years ago

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