I have a product idea for a very specific niche (university students living on campus). When does the product validation take place? before creating a simple business plan and a website? or after having the website and social media running?

Depending on your idea and implementation complexity, I would suggest to start with a nice and concise presentation of your project. Then, find at least 5 potential customers, who are ready to buy your product even before it's there - make sure that they represent your ideal customer profile. Then work closely with your initial batch to flesh out the true competitive advantages of your new product - this will help you quickly identify what the MVP should be. Then, when you have identified the potential customer profile, you should think of your go-to-market strategy - what would be the best ways to contact your ICPs and how to show them what you have. To summarise, don't spend too much time into website and social media, before you get your first test subjects to work with.

Let's have a call and I will tell you more details about the exact next steps that would help you succeed with your idea.

Answered 2 years ago

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