Market to sororities (if there are any colleges/universities in your area). If their families have the money to pay sorority dues, then they've got the money for your services. You can "get in" with the sororities by getting in touch with the president of each one and offering free haircare and beauty workshops. Facebook ads. 50% off for first-time clients. Beautiful website, preferably integrated with your appointment booking engine. Strategic partnerships with local boutiques, wedding shops, high-end nail salons, and spas. Set up informal lunch conversations with the owners of those businesses and say, "How can my salon help you?" And of course you'll want to track and measure the ROI on all these tactics to see if they're really moving the needle. I recognize that strategy and tactics are different, so if you'd like to discuss your actual marketing plan, let me know. Cheers, Austin

Answered 6 years ago

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