I'd be inclined to do a couple of things on top of the usual print, radio and traditional advertising. For one thing, I'd seek out influential local people (I assume your target is mostly women.) I'd probably give a handful of them complimentary service and really make sure they had an amazing experience. I'd then encourage them (only if they liked the experience) to share their story with their friends. I'd offer these influencers free service for every 3 friends that came by and mentioned their referring friends name.

I'd also offer the towns most influential lady politician or public office holder free hair cuts for a year. Then I'd tell the media. I'd also create an event to launch the opening and invite people to enter their names for a free session. Or maybe complimentary hand massages while they wait ... better yet, how about a complimentary nail polish and hand massage while they wait. So many ideas ... so little time.

Have fun, and remember ... on top of all this you could ask those influential ladies to share their experiences on Facebook too. Ooh, see if you can get a local photographer to do complimentary head shots after the ladies have had their hair done.

Like I said ... I could go on. Have fun, and best of luck to you.

Call me if you wish to further this conversation and develop more ideas as part of an integrated marketing and launch plan.

Answered 8 years ago

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