I recently read some answers to the question of What terms re-sellers use for selling SaaS? In one of them someone suggested to create other revenue opportunities for de resellers other than commissions to increase the revenue. I was thinking what kind of services could they provide to the customers besides onboard new clients or first line support?

Great way to sell SAAS subscriptions is to speak to groups.

If you're near a large city you can likely speak with 100s of groups you find on Meetup, WordCamp, Cowork offices, Business Mixers, Conferences, Expos.

Then apply the above to every city in the world.

Also, look for Webinar opportunities.

Even better build your own list.

Tip: Consider one yearly conference, Affiliate Summit New York. 4K-6K attendees each pay $1K-$2K+ to be in the room. If you only spoke at the 2-3 Affiliate Summits which run every year, you'd likely pump massive cashflow into your business.

If you have challenges figuring out how to soft pitch your SAAS in live talks, hire someone top help you with this.

Tip: A simple live talk format is to talk for 5-10 minutes, then open a Q&A.

Answered 2 years ago

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