I want to mount a referral machine for my business. In Europe in general, and in Portugal in particular, most people go to realtors to buy a land to build a house. Specially when buying overseas. Being a residential architect that want to design modern vacation homes for overseas clients, one of my best options are the good realtors (unlike me, they are in contact with my potential clients almost everyday). Since they all have their “fellow architect” friend to do some freebies for them when they need it, how can I use their leverage to feed my business? I intend to mount a system/process for referrals but What’s the best strategy? Give them a commission (10% for example) of my revenue with the clients they send me?

There are a couple of ways to make referral work for your business and to transform it into a system for ongoing leads.

You are on track by finding realtors who are looking to sell land to international clients. I would do a couple of things to make sure they want to support you.

You can start by investing a bit of marketing to actually film the process of how it is to work with you and the realtor so that your prospective clients can get a glimpse. By doing this, not only will they enjoy 10-25% referral fee.

You can also help them in the sales process, by perhaps offering a one time consultation or a mock design to get your buyers moving towards the yes line.

I would do this base on a one time fee, because your clients can come back to you with more changes but at the same time you are becoming a long term marketing partner.

Answered 3 years ago

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