I have been in the amusement industry for 15+ years and I want to develop an app which has features of community building, finding new products and suppliers. I am at a loss how to develop an app. I can create the page UX / UI, page flows, user flow from landing page, sign up etc. Of course based on user metrics there will be continuous changes. So how do I develop the app? Do I use sites like Freelancer? Find an agency? How do I identify which is company is right considering continuous development required and costs involved? This will be boot strapped at least until there is a viable traction.

First and foremost, I would challenge you to test the user experience and prove the concept of your product before building a mobile app. Mobile app development is not cheap and if you get the feature set wrong from a user standpoint, you will have spent money to develop blindly. Can you build a similar experience that provides value in a web application instead? You probably can. Even a few hundred users can get you the information you need to know almost exactly what the mobile app needs. There are mobile first websites that were around for years before they built the app just to make sure the experience was on par with what they expected. Test, test, test, and test again before jumping out there.

Answered 2 years ago

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