Planning to start an online business selling a product, did my research and found a manufacturer, got samples and tested the product. Am happy with the product. But the manufacturer wants me to buy 100,000 items of the product costing me $20,000, I don't have that much money to invest, only one fourth of required. Buying lower quantities is drastically increasing the cost per item. What are my options?

Is your research showing, that your business would expect strong increasing sales trend ? Is the revenue expected, shows that you can include bank charges in the cost, and still to be on the positive revenue side ?
If both are yes, do not waste time, but take a bank loan and go for.
If both are no, do not waste time, but think about other business.
If one is yes and another one - no, spend more time on the investigation.
Market investigation is the first and most important one.
all the best

Answered 3 years ago

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