When a file closes and a client provides us with glowing feedback, we respond by thanking them for their feedback and asking them to provide a Google rating or review. We have been doing this for about a month, and so far no one has provided any reviews or ratings. Likewise, we previously had customer survey at the end of files (to establish a NPS), but no one completed them... Are there magic words or a better time in the process to improve engagement?

The best time in the process to ask for a review is when your client is happiest with your product or service - either when you’ve just delivered it or you’ve achieved a great result for them.

You mentioned your clients leave you glowing feedback but don't respond when you ask them for a Google review.

Next time a client leaves you a glowing review, I would take their feedback and re-write it as a review, then email the client and ask them if they would mind leaving you a Google review as it really helps your business online. Tell them you’ve written a review based on their feedback to save them time, and leave them a link to your Google business page. It’s possible to not only link to your Google review page but have the 5 stars option pre-selected (Google it).

You want to make it as easy as possible for them to leave a review so they can simply click the link and paste in the review you wrote for them based on their own feedback. Most people should be happy to do this.

Answered 3 years ago

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