When a file closes and a client provides us with glowing feedback, we respond by thanking them for their feedback and asking them to provide a Google rating or review. We have been doing this for about a month, and so far no one has provided any reviews or ratings. Likewise, we previously had customer survey at the end of files (to establish a NPS), but no one completed them... Are there magic words or a better time in the process to improve engagement?

Hi, this is a perpetual problem for business owners. Automotive dealerships grapple with how to engage CGC - consumer-generated content. Human nature is at issue as well. Two things work: 1. If you are face-to-face, as suggested previously, provide the client with a device and active link to your Google review page while you are finishing up something they are waiting for. 2. If working remotely, incentivizes the review. Offer a modest, but meaningful discount off their final bill upon completion of the review. Give them a 1 week deadline to complete the review or they will forego the discount on their final invoice. Hope this was helpful to you. It has been successful for others.

Answered 3 years ago

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