Long story short – after years of being a developer switched to managing our own product team and finally turned to marketing (and sales) almost full time. Since then, I've been teaching myself and dealing with pretty much every area of online marketing – from strategy to content to email to paid to social to search – with mixed results. However, I feel like I still lack the big picture, the underlying structure of it all – so even when I'm doing great in one particular area (say, SEO) I'm never sure I should be in this specific area right now at all, especially when good results in one area don't move the business needle at all. The lack of work experience as a marketer really doesn't help here. Can you teach all of this yourself being your own marketing team? Do you find a mentor or hire a marketing person and learn while working with them? Do you just take a break from your business and go work in marketing as an intern? There are tons of great guides on every marketing aspect, but what's the best way to get the big picture right? I imagine that's something a new CMO goes through when joining a new company.

Having worked in Marketing for over 10 years, there is never 'just one thing' to focus on as there are always multiple campaigns and deadlines to be aware of. But the key point that should link them all (and which often gets forgotten during the numerous revisions and new ideas) is:
- a clear and consistent message that aligns with the overall brand and business strategy.

Too often businesses (especially those with small teams) forget to take the time to set the foundations by putting in writing a clear outline of what their brand is (and isn't!) and the desired short and long term goals, then using this as filter for all business and strategy decisions. This foundation is immensely helpful when it comes to assessing partnerships, product development opportunities, company structure and culture, and even the kind of people you hire to work for you.

If you already have this foundation work in place then my advice would be to have it spray painted on the walls for all to see! (Or at least a nice vinyl decal)
But if you are needing help in this area please feel free to book a call, my focus is on helping small teams maximise the little resources they have, or if your one person marketing team just need to bounce some ideas that can be helpful too. :-)

Answered 3 years ago

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