I've been talking about this with a friend and he asked me: How do you get your first customers for a cunsulting business? What do you think are the best ways?

To get your first client for consulting business keep the following steps in mind.
1. Understand how to sell your services: When you start a small business, selling is certainly one of the most difficult tasks at hand. For some, selling wisely comes naturally, but for others it can be the most frustrating part of working as an independent consultant. Whether it is because we feel underqualified for the position or because we have simply never done it before, we still need to seal those deals and to do that we must sell. Qualifying is a critical step in the sales process, and it will save you a lot of hassle and headache as you deal with new clients, helping you reach independent success quicker and easier.
2. Research your industry: As you are starting your business, gain as much knowledge about your industry as you can so you are able to portray yourself as a professional and expert. You may be good at what you do, but are you “plugged in” to how independent consultants operate in your industry space? While you are considering the transition, gain as much knowledge about your industry as you can. Check, and contribute to, online forums and professional sites like LinkedIn. These sites are excellent places to share your expertise and network.
3. Build your network: Networking is the one of the most effective ways to land your first client. Ninety percent of all independent consultants find their first contract through their personal and extended network. This means making announcements that you are looking to work with those who know you, or in other words, networking not just pitching your services. When you meet someone for the first time, shake their hand, look them in the eye and introduce yourself, and give them time to introduce themselves. After that, ask what they do. At this point, you can separate yourself from everyone else in the room by asking them more specifically what they do. Use the information they provide to talk about what you do in context of their role.
4. Prepare Yourself: Before you can open the door to a deeper discussion, your client must first believe that you have the credentials and experience to meet their needs. To sell your first client, be prepared to speak to your experience, level of seniority, and specialized skill. It is important to realize that this phase may take place with or without you. For example, a former colleague may refer a potential client to you, providing them with your contact information. That prospective client might check out your LinkedIn profile before they ever call you.
5. Provide solutions: After you have opened the door, you will want your potential client to see that you are the problem-solver or expert specific to their gap or pain point. This requires putting your expertise to work by diagnosing and providing a framework for solutions. This phase of landing your first client can take place in several stages. You may have an initial meeting or two that allows you to conduct a needs assessment followed by a written proposal. How you diagnose the problem and approach providing a solution are integral to winning the business.
6. Create a pricing strategy: In this phase you will want to remove obstacles that may be preventing the client from taking that final step. As a new consultant this is where you may consider your pricing strategy. The client should feel that they are getting access to a valuable, specialized skill set and experience for an introductory rate. Be honest about being new to consulting and leverage that to secure your first deal. Let them know you want good references so are willing to do a special deal with them to get started.
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Answered 9 months ago

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