I've been talking about this with a friend and he asked me: How do you get your first customers for a cunsulting business? What do you think are the best ways?

Simple Answer: And this one is really simple. I have used literally dozens of times with great success.

Answer the help wanted ads in Monster and Indeed for all the jobs in your expertise. When you get an interview, show them how you could help them, but let them know that you would be more interested in doing this as a consultant for the company rather than an employee. Explain that they will get better results without having to provide benefits and even though you charge 5 - 10 more you are worth it.

I hope this helps.
Best of Luck,
PS I may assist you as my time permits. Right now I am doing something that I haven't done for many years. I am actively soliciting new select clients due to selling one of my businesses and freeing myself up a little. But as you might expect, I am still very busy. That is how I like it.

Answered 6 years ago

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