I am a freelance WordPress web developer who provides a host of other services, including: SEO, social media profile optimization, email marketing campaign management, social media strategy, consulting, graphic design and the list goes on... I'm currently preparing to overhaul my operation with new pricing, more structured policies and a vastly improved image. Since I'm a one man army, I'm struggling with how I should price my services, as I feel there is a huge variation in the value provided. Would it be best to charge a flat rate for all services, including monthly routine maintenance and plugin updates, or would it be advisable to charge a premium for more expert services such as marketing strategy, optimization, and design, then charge a lower rate for routine technical stuff? Opinions and advice on this subject would be very appreciated. :)

There are three prices, low mid and high. Most people will be in the low to mid ranges and very few will be at the high end. I ALWAYS price myself to be the BEST and the best costs more. I'd say package your prices into a high end rate and a mid tier rate. This way you can give options and say I recommend this package which do you want. Then you can let them sell themselves on what they want or even use your lower price as a down sell to your higher price.

Most people are scared to price high and want to stay competitive. That's a bunch of BS. There's always going to be a high end rate so why not have that be YOU? I'd say have like a $10k package as your low end and then a $25k or $50k package as your high end. Then position yourself as the best in front of your ideal audience.

Don't let price get in your way and scare you, people who know they get what they pay for will hire you and it's not about price. Price is never the reason people don't hire you, it's value. If you show the value then how can the NOT hire you at those rates because it won't cost them a penny.

Show them ROI and COI. ROI is Return on Investment but COI is Cost of Inaction. What's it costing them to NOT hire you now at those rates. I coach people on this all the time and it's just a fear they have. Fear of the unknown is what keeps people where they are undercharging and undervaluing their services.

You have a choice as to where to be in the market place. Have confidence in yourself and your services. Where do you choose to be? Where everyone else is or to separate yourself as the best?

Answered 6 years ago

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