I am a freelance WordPress web developer who provides a host of other services, including: SEO, social media profile optimization, email marketing campaign management, social media strategy, consulting, graphic design and the list goes on... I'm currently preparing to overhaul my operation with new pricing, more structured policies and a vastly improved image. Since I'm a one man army, I'm struggling with how I should price my services, as I feel there is a huge variation in the value provided. Would it be best to charge a flat rate for all services, including monthly routine maintenance and plugin updates, or would it be advisable to charge a premium for more expert services such as marketing strategy, optimization, and design, then charge a lower rate for routine technical stuff? Opinions and advice on this subject would be very appreciated. :)

Imaging you are sitting on a beach and really thirsty for a beer and your buddy said "Hey, I'm going to get a beer, do you want one?" Then picture two scenarios, the first is the only option to get the beer is at a fancy resort. In the USA you'd probably be okay in telling him "as long as it's less than $10, yeah, get me one."

The other scenario is that the only place for the beer is a small grocery store. In that case you'd tell him something like "as long as it's less than $5, yeah, get me one."

Given the same need (thirst) why would you spend twice as much from one vendor than another? The other is the perception of the vendor.

You need to decide whether to market yourself like a high-end resort or a low-end grocery store. This is called branding.

Either can work but you have to be consistent in the way you brand yourself and go to market.

Answered 2 years ago

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