I am a freelance WordPress web developer who provides a host of other services, including: SEO, social media profile optimization, email marketing campaign management, social media strategy, consulting, graphic design and the list goes on... I'm currently preparing to overhaul my operation with new pricing, more structured policies and a vastly improved image. Since I'm a one man army, I'm struggling with how I should price my services, as I feel there is a huge variation in the value provided. Would it be best to charge a flat rate for all services, including monthly routine maintenance and plugin updates, or would it be advisable to charge a premium for more expert services such as marketing strategy, optimization, and design, then charge a lower rate for routine technical stuff? Opinions and advice on this subject would be very appreciated. :)

Riddle me this... What brand is the #1 cola drink? OK, you're right, Coke it is. Who is the #3? No clue, right? Because no one cares about #3.

No one cares about you if you aren't #1 (or maybe #2) in your niche/market. You sure don't want to be the cheapest. So if you're in the middle, you're nobody.

You can never win if you are playing someone else's game!

So how do you win?


You MUST create your own game. Then you are automatically #1!

Here's your SEO biz model in a box:
• hyper focus on a very narrow niche - make sure it is full of PWM (Players With Money)
• instead of SEO/social media everything for everyone, specialize - you are the SEO Wizard who gets unbelievable walk-in results for ONLY multi-location dental practices doing over $1M in annual revenue
• further narrowing: you pick a target city and tell all your perfect buyer prospects that you are accepting applications to work with you
• you'll only work with the highest bidder starting at $2k per month and the rest of them will become competition that your client will decimate with your superior SEO skillz
• sign them to a 12 month contract because SEO takes time to work its magic then go month to month
• if your client wants to cancel, no problem - you'll go to their competition and they'll soon lose their new patient traffic and go out of business

Gotta run - busy helping a couple more winners win more by doing less, better...
- Daniel

Answered 3 years ago

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