I've been searching to get custom boxes with my logo and I I've gotten quotes of 1000$ + for 10 boxes (as I need them for a Kickstarter campaign) and intend to buy industrial quantities later. Does anyone know where to contact for small quantity custom boxes?

Depending on the specs of your boxes, there are many different great options out there for custom printed boxes, at reasonable prices.

From my experience working with online retailers, here's some of the best that I've come across:

Some specialty suppliers: - eco-friendly - Canada - Canada + US - Australia

Hope that helps and gives you some options to consider!

Custom packaging is an important part in building a great brand, so it's smart to be looking into this.

If you need any advice around creating an eCommerce brand and driving online retail sales, schedule a call with me and we can dig into it!

Answered 4 years ago

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