The basic idea is a review app for landlords and tenants. The landlord or letting agency would have an account with all of there properties on and tenants would have personal accounts. Both landlords and tenants would review each other and you could view peoples reviews on their profile. A new tenant could then see what experiences other tenants have had with their landlord and vice versa. I'm also thinking of having a communication part of the app for a quick and easy way to communicate with your landlord and report any issues to them.

Did either landlords or tenants ask you for it?

Did they say they had a problem this solution can fix?

Are they willing to pay for it--or is someone willing to pay for it? Possibly a third party advertiser?

Have you figured out your business model?

How do you protect the app from being "gamed" with fake reviews, positive and negative?

Answered 5 years ago

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