Hey! I'm 100% clear on building my product, my brand, launching well, building a great email funnel and have done so to build a decent list of my own and a relatively good reputation in my space… but I've never really launched a product with affiliate partners before, generally been batting alone up to now. For an upcoming launch I am going to be leveraging some people who I've gotten to know in the space and they are bought into me and my product, and want to help me push it. Given I am setting up the infrastructure for affiliates though I'd like to open this out to as many partners as possible to maximise eyeballs and ultimately revenue. Is this wise? What could I expect, and would you recommend places like or steer clear? What kind of response rate would you imagine from channels (i.e. if you put it out in the open how many affiliates generally reach out?) and if I should steer clear of there how best to locate affiliates willing to partner up who align with my message? Thanks in advance :) Liam

Response rate depends completely on the effectiveness of your material, quality of your product and site, brand recognition, commissions, etc.

Regardless, with affiliates, the more the better. You are paying commission. There is no real negative to having more effective affiliates.

Answered 9 years ago

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