An exciting prelaunch startup created by the core engineering team of Priceline (3 engineers: architect, first hires, worked together 15 years, responsible for all assets). The team has got 11 signed contracts representing $250k MRR and 7 more LOIs (not counted in $250k MRR). They need to leverage the contract to raise a bridge for 8-10 months runway to get revenues live. A prelaunch startup has $250k MRR in 18-month signed contracts with huge retailers. They need a bridge. What options are there? Any suggestions on what they could be doing/ who to go to?

You may develop a deck and startup pitching to the Angel Investors and VCs.

I can help you in building the deck and pitching to the investors. I also offer the service of finding the investors as per the filters of the investors and then pitching them on behalf of my client.


Answered 4 years ago

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