I have hundreds of educational videos on YouTube. Does it make sense to rip the audio and launch it all as a podcast? Why or why not?

Rinse, reuse, recycle! People consume information in a variety of ways and most have preferences so there is no harm in retooling them in different formats. Here are five immediate things you can do:

1) Use the video as a podcast. Wait - that was your idea! Not sure how long your videos are, but you want it to be no more than 45 minutes on average. Of course there are exceptions.

2) Break the videos up into chunks. Take the most interesting bits and turn them into 3 minute lessons or tips. Make sure to include your branding whether you execute this in video or audio (podcast) format.

3) Transcribe the audio and turn it into a whitepaper or ebook.

4) Create a blog series from portions of the content to promote your content.

5) Pull interesting quotes and/or short slices of the audio/video and use them on social media.

6) Because I recycled your idea -- Create a summary infographic from the video content to provide a visual snapshot of the material.

Hope that helps, but happy to chat more about your options.

Answered 4 years ago

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