I own a team of 40 employees. We provide VA services and data services, which includes data entry, web research, list building, image data entry, etc. I would like to know how can I add more business. I found that getting business via freelancing sites isn't profitable.

That's the golden question! One solid way- involvement. Join local VA groups, check in with senior and community centers- sponsor events and actually workshops (everyone loves speaking, but most people love seeing company's doing things more than speaking). Getting involved looks good and makes you trustworthy beyond just good customer service.
As far as data services are concerned, that's a valuable service! And a lot of individuals who own and run companies often time forget or misunderstand that- educate them. Give them the understanding of these services- without selling to them, and them come around to the crux of the issues with these service: hiring professionals to do it saves them time and money, but hiring professionals who love it does that and provides high quality!

Answered 4 years ago

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