I've started a 1-person freelance marketing business and feel overwhelmed offering so many services I've started a marketing service offering everything to everyone who will pay. Only working with a few small clients so far and already starting to dread going into work. They need everything from Facebook ads, Instagram, to SEO, to Twitter, Pinterest, Google Local, article writing, press releases, email newsletters. I feel overwhelmed offering too much. If I just picked one service would that be better in the long run? Or do marketing services need to offer many different services in order to survive? Im afraid if I offered only say Pinterest Marketing, then I wouldn't be a success because Im so limited. I'm not interested in creating a mega-marketing agency, I just want a nice small service helping customers and working for myself, but in a happy way.

I've gone thru this experience myself, going from an SEO expert into a Digital Marketing expert. I would agree this space is full and now I would have preferred to still be a great expert in Search rather than being known for anything digital marketing related.

I agree with everyone here, focus on a single niche. Just make sure you focus on a growing niche (ie. Facebook ads) rather than SEO which has had it moment. Unless you are an amazing SEO and want to stay within Search and develop yourself as a thought leader. It's always best to double down on one thing, otherwise, you have little value in differentiating yourself from others offering a similar lineup.

Answered 4 years ago

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