Looking to eventually reach over $1mil in profits/year. Are there any good growth tips you can provide?

Having managed and dealt with my own and clients' Amazon businesses, I would have to say that the one key technique is to have a solid foundation.

A solid foundation has the following characteristics:
1) High-quality products that you would personally use. If you don't believe in your own products, then don't expect shoppers to buy them. Simple.

2) A great product title with main keywords, features, and benefits that make the sentence flow. You don't want to just throw in a bunch of keywords or use a one liner as your product title.

3) Using great product images will help shoppers make a purchasing decision. The only sense shoppers have is Sight so you need to bring other senses such as smell, touch, sound, and taste to life for an unforgettable experience.
Just like yourself, shoppers want to know what exactly they are getting, the more details your images portrait, the better it is for shoppers to decide.

4) Great copywriting for your product description makes a huge difference as you want to hit shoppers' pain point with a thought provoking question, then provide a generic solution and your solution as well. Be sure to include product benefits, scarcity, and also call-to-action in your description as well.

5) Running Amazon ads and other marketing strategies (i.e. giveaways, JVs, facebook ads, quiz etc). What better way to do so than offering great discounts to shoppers making the offer irresistible!

The above are some of the main techniques to build a successful Amazon FBA business. Keep in mind that if you care about your customers more than your competitors, you will always win!

Best of success selling on Amazon!


Answered 4 years ago

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