What are some criteria I should look for when searching for a business coach to help me grow an inherited plastics manufacturer? The business is now run by my brother and I. We have over 25years in business but we feel the company needs to take the next step. We need help with corporate info, growth hacking and strategy.

Searching for a business coach? When you face him opposite to you on the table, look closely:
1. Is great at questioning and listening. When they are talking to an employee, they help them to find the answer to their questions or problems by asking questions. They are curious rather than judgmental. They help the other person along on their journey of discovery rather than telling them what the answers are.
2. Uses rephrasing to clarify what is happening in the other person’s mind. Not just so that the coach understands it, but so that the employee does as well. Rephrasing what the employee says helps to shape ideas, flesh them out, and pinpoint what they are trying to say.
3. Is able to help their employees look at situations from more than one perspective. Reframing situations helps to ensure that you are not labelling or judging the situation but rather can be extremely helpful in problem solving, brainstorming, and decision-making.
4. Clarifies what is important, particularly in situations where there is a great deal of detail. Employees may have issues performing because they find the level of information, they are dealing with to be overwhelming. A great coach can help them to identify the priorities, as well as which details are not as important.
5. Helps the employee to see opportunities where they did not see them before. A great coach has a good vision of the future and helps employees to achieve their goals, even if they might have thought the goal was not possible.
6. Demonstrates the type of behavior, commitment to the vision, and level of performance that they expect to see in his employees.
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Answered 7 months ago

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