I have created a database of prospects who have used services in the past similar to what we offer. I understand the traditional ways of prospecting but in search of ideas which can give us maximum traction. All leads are qualified and don’t want to lose out on any single. What kind of response can I expect from 5K contacts? Thank in advance.

Thanks for all reply-appreciated.
Let me elaborate.
The prospect list is created based on our internal strategy of generating qualified leads with 100% certainty that these people have bought similar services in the past. We know for a fact that these people may or may not be interested now or are working with some other service providers.
We want to reach out to each and every prospects so as to maximise our chances of engagement and closure. The traditional method of cold call/mail is all fine but I am looking at new ways so as to create an interest among them.

Answered 5 years ago

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