I have created a database of prospects who have used services in the past similar to what we offer. I understand the traditional ways of prospecting but in search of ideas which can give us maximum traction. All leads are qualified and don’t want to lose out on any single. What kind of response can I expect from 5K contacts? Thank in advance.

Hello and thanks for the question,, I kind of agree to certain point with Jason Kanigan. I would be sure to line up the "pre-qualification" with what YOU want from a client.

I am going to assume you've already gave a thought to all that and your qualification is correct.

I would definitely recommend you to start by creating rapport. You mentioned that you created a database of prospects that have used the service in the past, but NOT YOUR service, so I am sure many of them wouldn't like a direct approach trying to make them change services.

After that first contact you need to see which ones respond to that first contact and follow up with a "solution to their problem". Those who didn't respond you need to keep trying for them to respond a new point of view, a different approach to create rapport, once they respond you need to then "solve their problem"

To those who responded, tell them why you are a better choice, those who didn't try a different thing..

For those who did respond to the last one make an offer that they just can't say no, just for trying your service and handle objections beforehand..

-So contact them and create rapport,
-Solution to their problem
-Why You
-Close the sale

Customize your marketing, even those contacts who never responded, keep in touch by adding value to them.

Hope this helps you :)

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Have a great day!

Answered 5 years ago

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